BRUTE FORCE Functional Trainer UX1

Product Name : BRUTE FORCE Functional Trainer UX1
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Model Number360PTX
FrameHeavy Duty Power Rack, powder coat finish
Weight Stack2 precisions cut steel 100kg pin select weight stacks
CablesSuperior upgraded cables
Accessories Included13 bars, handles, and harness attachments
Item Dimensions (LWH)250 x 185 x 185 cm
Item Weight420 Kg
Other FeaturesAttachment Storage Holders
Warranty12 Months
Brand OriginAustralia


HandlesAdjustable/removable dipping handles


Product Description

The BruteForce 360PTX Functional Trainer is a superiorly designed fitness equipment engineered with safety in mind. It boasts an array of unique features and components that set it apart from other similar products in the market. 

One of the key features of the BruteForce 360PTX is its Jammer Arm system, which adds versatility and functionality to your workout. With this system, you can perform various exercises without having to change attachments. The Crossover pulley/cable system enables you to perform movements that target different muscle groups simultaneously, enhancing your overall fitness experience. Additionally, the BruteForce 360PTX includes extra positions for resistance band pegs, allowing you to incorporate resistance bands into your workout routine. This expands the range of exercises you can perform and allows you to target specific muscle groups more effectively.

Furthermore, this functional trainer is equipped with 2 precision-cut steel 100kg pin-select weight stacks. These weight stacks provide ample resistance, allowing you to challenge yourself and achieve your desired level of intensity. The weight stack horns, located on each side of the machine, provide additional weight plate loading options, allowing you to customize your workout even further.

The BruteForce 360PTX is not just a functional trainer but also a commercial Smith machine with linear bearings. This allows for smooth, linear movement and ensures stability during exercises. The heavy-duty Power Rack, with a powder coat finish, adds to the durability and stability of the machine. Other key features include a 5-way multi-Grip Chin Up Bar, commercial grade J Hooks, and spotting/safety arms, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises safely and confidently. The Leg Press plate is also included in the package, allowing you to target your lower body muscles effectively.

The BruteForce 360PTX offers various storage options for your convenience. It includes weight bar holders and weight plate storage rods, allowing you to neatly organize your weights and accessories. Additionally, it comes with attachment storage holders, allowing you to neatly organize and store the additional bars, handles, and harness attachments that come with the machine.

The functional trainer also includes a fixing ring for the TRX system, allowing you to incorporate suspension training into your workout. This versatility adds even more options to your workout routine and maximizes the potential of the BruteForce 360PTX. In addition to its superior design and safety features, the BruteForce 360PTX also boasts comfortable padding and a compact footprint. The comfy padding ensures that your workouts are enjoyable while minimizing fatigue, while the compact footprint allows for efficient space utilization.

Lastly, the BruteForce 360PTX features upgraded pulleys and cables, ensuring a smooth and silent operation. The improved pulley slider design allows for easy single-hand adjustments, allowing you to quickly change your workout configurations without hassle.

Overall, the BruteForce 360PTX Functional Trainer is an outstanding fitness equipment that combines superior design with an array of safety features and advanced features. Its versatility added resistance options, and comfort make it an ideal choice for those looking to take their training to the next level.

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